cuda simulator

i have WINDOWS XP no hardware support…i installed CUDA 2.0 Version how to use simulator mode in this vertion please guide me…how it will work please suggest me…

There are numerous number of ways you can do it, i’ll demonstrate one here and hopefully guys out there are going to help too;

1)Install MS Visual studio 2005

2)Open the *.sln of the specific project you want

3)Change the solution configuration to EmuRelease, rebuild the solution then start debugging. Available in the image

P.S. Make sure that you are working on Windows 32bit, otherwise there are linking issues you have to take care of. Take care :thumbup:


      ya i did whatever you said... I've tried running CUDA without installing the driver, but it just gives me an error message when running the SDK samples (on WINDOWS XP ): "cudaSafeCall() Runtime API Error in file <filename, line> feature is not yet implemented." When I open those files and look at the mentioned line, it seems to always be a command called "cutilSafeCall()" that causes this error.PLEASE SUGGEST ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO