CUDA Sorting: Code 4 downloading

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The package includes source, examples, a paper published and a brief introduction.

This library is distributed as original code, you have to include the header “bbsort.cuh” in your project,
and call the bbsort() functions in your c/cpp/cu files.

You may also have to make some changes to customize the code for your applications. Following are some tips.

1, if you want to sort float, int, uint, short, ushort, you have only to change “” near line 300
Please follow the images contained in sort_float-int-short-double_setups.

2, if you want to sort structures, you have make 4 changes in “”, “bbsort.cuh” and “”
Please follow the images contained in sort_structure_setups.

3, if you want to sort doubles, after having the change 1, you still to add arch=sm_13 to your custom build command.
And you also should have the cards with computing 1.3 capbility.

the gaussian_table.dat can be used for generating gaussian distributed list.

Any question please contact: