CUDA Streams Overlap Data Transfers

can I use cudaMemcpyAsync() for multiple variables?
for example,

for i=StreamSize{
   cudaMemcpyAsync(d_b, a, N, cudaMemcpyHostToDevice, stream1)
   cudaMemcpyAsync(d_b, b, N, cudaMemcpyHostToDevice, stream1)
for i=StreamSize{

it’s possible, for example if you wrap your variables or arrays in a struct, and copy the whole struct at once.

Thank you, that was exactly what i wanted to avoid.
I’ve already implemented this by gathering my values into o bigger array buffer[ [a], [b] ], so i was wondering if it was possible to avoid all memcpys to my buffer and just send a,b,… to my card. :)