CUDA support for Solaris and OpenSolaris

I was looking for downloading CUDA for HPC cluster based on OpenSolaris, however NVIDIA site doesn’t have bits for OpenSolaris or Solaris. Does anyone has any idea when will NVIDIA planning to support OpenSolaris or Solaris?


Although it’s offtopic, I would like to see support for nforce 6 and 7 too… currently I’m working on Solaris without LAN/network.

Of course, to see CUDA support for Solaris will be very good too :)

There are no current plans to add CUDA support for Solaris.

This seems to be the standard answer and while it may be honest it isn’t all that helpful.

I’ve found reference to an unofficial port of CUDA 2.0 to Solaris used for evaluation within Sun but nothing concrete. For Solaris running on big-endian SPARC chips porting might be a big job but for X86 I don’t really see why there should be such a hold-up.

In the meantime somebody talks about running CUDA under a virtual machine with Solaris as mother OS in this thread. Does anybody have any experiance with this? Is this workable?