CUDA Support on GTS 8800 with TMPGENC


when will there be CUDA support for the GTS8800. As descibted on the Nvidia Drivers Page ther’s support but running TMPGENC with CUDA is telling me it does not CUDA on GTS8800 - and the App is telling it does not currently support the GTS8800 - so when?

Can anyone tell me what to do, please.

Thanks in advise

The 8800 GTS has been supported by CUDA for more than 2 years.

If your application doesn’t support your card, ask the developers of that application. My guess is that their code relies on hardware features which the 8800 GTS doesn’t have (atomic memory operations), in which case you are out of luck - try a different application or buy a new card.

hmmm - thats what i thought about - merde

thank you for yor speedy reply :playball:

I add one of these firsts GeForce 8800 GTS card w/ 384MB RAM, and sadly it’s just a compute capability 1.0 device without Atomic :-(

ya, that makes me crazy… got the fastest bigest gpu an it does’t drive anything - i got twose of them - arghhhh . i think to swap over a!i…,. merde smily