CUDA Syntax

I´ve tried to use this code:

if ((((int)xpos>=0) && ((int)xpos<originalW)) && (((int)ypos>=0) && ((int)ypos<originalH)))

destimageData[iydestinationW+ix].x = origimageData[(int)floor((ypos(float)originalW+xpos))].z;

destimageData[iydestinationW+ix].y = origimageData[(int)(floor(ypos(float)originalW+xpos))].y;
destimageData[iydestinationW+ix].z = origimageData[(int)(floor(ypos(float)originalW+xpos))].x;

and I get the message: error: expression must have class type (2 time for each line with the vectors operations).
I think that it is a syntax error but i´m not sure. Can anybody help me?
Sorry about my english, but it is not my motherlanguage.
Thanks in advance

Are you sure that destimageData and origimageData are vector types?

Yes they are float vectors.

I think you are trying to access both ori and dest image image data like vetctors whereas it has been declared as matrix. If that is the case this may work

destimageData[iy][ix].x = origimageData[ypos][xpos].z;

No, they are vectors, thanks anyway.

Ok I´d written the code and I hadn´t explained which is my goal :"> . I would like to execute a simple linear rotation with a image. i am accpeting ideas.

Thanks in advance