CUDA Toolkit 11.5 Installation Fails

When I run cuda_11.5.0_496.13_win10.exe as administrator on windows 10 and CUDA Setup extracts the installer to my computer, it leaves me the error:

CUDA Setup Package: error
Could not create folder “C:\Users\[myName]\AppData\Local\Temp\CUDA\CUDADevelopment”. Access is denied.

I’ve tried various versions from CUDA 9.0-11.5 and they all fail; as does extracting to a different folder. I have drivers installed and they work properly (I’ve checked them through OpenGL, and CUDA-based python libraries with their own CUDA installations use GPU successfully).

I managed to install it using Anaconda. All the files (nvcc, headers, etc.) are in ./Anaconda3/envs/[env name]/

Instructions at, just use “conda install cuda -c nvidia” and make sure you aren’t in the base environment.

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  1. rename the .exe file to a .7z file (e.g. cuda_11.5.0_496.13_win10.exe → cuda_11.5.0_496.13_win10.7z). I used the linux mv command.
  2. Unzip the file with 7zip or winzip into any temporary folder.
  3. run setup.exe (I ran as admin)

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