CUDA Toolkit 4.2 Released for GeForce GTX 600 Series

An updated CUDA Toolkit is now available for developers targeting GeForce GTX 600 Series GPUs.

This release includes updated versions of the CUDA-GDB debugger, Visual Profiler, and others tools that support the Kepler architecture GPUs. Updated versions of NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated libraries have are also provided in this release, including cuBLAS, cuSPARSE, cuFFT, and the NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) library for image and signal processing.

CUDA Toolkit 4.2 is now available at

There will be more information about the next release of the CUDA Toolkit and the compute capabilities of the Kelper architecture at the GPU Technology Conference 2012 to be held in San Jose, CA , May 14 to 17. Find out more