CUDA toolkit 7.5 RC, Visual studio 2012, boost 1.55 problem

After upgrading from toolkit 5.5 to 7.5 a .cu file doesn’t compile anymore. It is tripping over some boost mpl assert.hpp problem:
C:/libs/boost_1_55_0\boost/mpl/assert.hpp(152): error C2653: ‘type’ : is not a class or namespace name

I think this is a compatibility/configuration issue where boost tries to figure out what the compiler (version) is and depending on it declaring/defining things differently.

My setup is windows, MS visual studio 2012, toolkit 7.5 and boost 1.55.

Anybody any suggestions?

Update: the problem lies in the boost serialisation libraries, which use boost MPL.

I am having a similar problem using toolkit 7.0, VS2012 and boost 1.58 - My problem is with variant, which is also using boost MPL. In addition to your error, I have the suggestion:
c:\users\Public\boost\boost_1_58_0\boost/mpl/assert.hpp(154) : see reference to class template instantiation ‘boost::mpl::eval_assert’ being compiled