CUDA Toolkit 7 For Fedora 21 now available for download

A new CUDA Toolkit 7.0 For Fedora 21 is now available for download:

As always - we love feedback, please send us any issues or bugs via the GPU Computing Developer Program:

I downloaded and installed cuda-repo-fedora21-7.0-28.x86_64.rpm, However the baseurl in /etc/yum.repos.d/cuda.repo was set to:


which of course doesn’t work. Changing to:


works and is stable so far with the updated kernel: 4.0.4-202.fc21.x86_64.

I have downloaded the CUDA 7.0 but it is saying that the OS does not support it. I am having Windows XP OS. Can this be installed in my system or not. Should I visit to my local technical service center i.e or you can guide me? Do I need to change my OS?

The “Getting Started” document (Windows version) spells out the operating systems supported for CUDA 7: