Cuda Toolkit Components not Installing

Why Some Components Don’t install . i want to install it to do some data model training.
specially cuda profiles

The reasons are given in the text box you put in your question:

Not Installed:

  • Nsight for Visual Studio 2022
    Reason: VS2022 was not found

A proper CUDA install on/for native windows always requires first a proper install of a supported version of Visual Studio. A given CUDA (version) installer often can work with several different versions of Visual Studio. It will update each version that it supports, and is found on your machine, with customization components for CUDA development work.

If you don’t have that version, the installer will report that and move on.

To pick an example, if you know you wanted to use VS2019 and had that installed, the installer would report that Nsight for Visual Studio 2022 was not installed, because it did not find VS2022 on your machine. That would be an “expected report” and not a “problem”.

But if you have not installed any supported version of VS at all, then you have not followed the install instructions correctly, and are likely to have trouble.