Cuda Toolkit install on Windows w/o Nvidia Card (Build Machine)

Hi all,

I would like to install the latest CUDA Toolkit (8.0.44) under Windows, in a Virtual Machine which doesn’t have a GPU.
This machine is only for building my application.
The Cuda Toolkit won’t install because it does not detect a CUDA-capable GPU.
Is there a way to install only the toolkit on my Windows Build Machine?

I tried cuda_8.0.44_win10.exe -s compiler_8.0, but it did not work.



I found a solution:
I downloaded “cuda_8.0_windows.exe” instead of “cuda_8.0_win10.exe”.
It gave me only a warning when it detected that I did not have a CUDA GPU in my build machine, so I was able to install the CUDA 8.0 Toolkit.