CUDA Toolkit Installation on airgapped Ubuntu Systems


I am trying to figure out how I can install Cuda Toolkit 12.2.1-1 on airgapped Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 machines. I see procedures at the following links:

I am able to follow the steps above and install the toolkits on VMs but I wont be able to run a sudo apt install cuda unless I have all of the cuda related debian packages and dependencies saved in an apt-repository on my airgapped environment. I tried to to a sudo apt install --download-only cuda but this does not give me packages such as cuda-gdb-12-2 cuda-libraries-12-2 cuda-libraries-dev-12-2 to name a few.

How can I go about getting all of the cuda debians saved locally so that I can manually install them on my airgapped machines and is there anything else I need to consider? Also is there a way to essentially copy an installation from my VM and manually install that on an airgapped system?