CUDA toolkit not fully installed

I have a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. I have Visual Studio 2017 professional. I am installing CUDA toolkit 11 using cuda_11.3.1_465.89_win10. It looks like that Integrated Graphics Frame Debugger and Profiler and Integrated CUDA Profilers are not installed. How can I have them installed?

- Nsight for Visual Studio 2017
- Nsight Monitor
Not Installed:
- Nsight for Visual Studio 2019
Reason: VS2019 was not found
- Integrated Graphics Frame Debugger and Profiler
Reason: see
- Integrated CUDA Profilers
Reason: see


did u solve the problem

Did you solve the issue? I am also facing the same problem.
Also, are the mentioned components necessary? Because I have only installed Visual Studio community edition 2022 and with python development as workload.

did you solve the issue ?

Sorry if the message was not clear.
As of Nsight VSE version 2020.2, those components were removed from Nsight VSE.
There are new stand alone tools that provide better than parity support for functionality that was removed.

The way to get Visual Studio integration of those tools is to use Nsight Integration, as mention on
and download each of the standalone tools.

Nsight Integration will add them to the Nsight menu (similarly to the way they were in earlier versions of Nsight VSE).

I had the same error and came to the result that my graphics card is too old.