CUDA + Ubuntu 8.10 + ? video card = Awesome (while $$ < 200)

Hello Everyone,

As the subject already states Im looking to put together a new computer, so
I need to find a video card that is well supported in ubuntu 8.10 with Cuda drivers(perferably cuda 2.1).
I dont want to spend over 200$.
I was looking at a ZOTAC ZT-98GES3P-FSR GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
Anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance


First up, you won’t get a card that is well supported in Ubuntu 8.10, because Ubuntu 8.10 isn’t officially supported at all by NVIDIA drivers yet.

Also, the version of CUDA available has little relevance to your selection of a GPU, your selection should depend more on what you wish to use it for.

For example, if you want to use doubles in your code, you need at least a 2XX series card.

Otherwise, any card from the 8000 series up can handle CUDA programs, you just pay more money for more performance (and memory in some cases).

9800 GT is a nice, inexpensive card if you are starting out with CUDA. Being single slot, it’s a lot easier to install than the GTX 2xx series cards. I do a lot of work with the 8800 GT, which is a very similar card.

And to echo was has already been said: Be sure to use a Linux distribution that is supported by CUDA. Ubuntu 8.10 is not. (CUDA releases come out every 9 +/- 3 months or so. This means they are usually one Ubuntu release behind in support.)

Thanks for all the info
What about Ubuntu 8.04? would i have better luck there?
Also in my laptop I have a FX 570m, looking under the supported cards it is mentioned as supported
but I had trouble with it in both 8.10 and 8.04, is there a specific driver version I should be looking for?

Yes, 8.04 is supported currently.

Have you downloaded the NVIDIA/CUDA driver, toolkit and sdk from this website? I have no idea what driver Ubuntu uses by default for NVIDIA cards, but downloading and installing those 3 things might be a start if you haven’t already

Thanks for the info, Ill give it another try