Cuda Unified memory with Pascal


Which version of Pascal : GTX1060, P100, supports CUDA 8 Unified memory with Nvlink (low latency with CPU ram) ?

Unified memory exists in Cuda 6, but this is slow (due to PCI).

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Only Tesla P100 (currently) offers NVLink.

Unified memory is not strictly about performance, however. The UM concept also addresses such areas as programmer productivity and algorithm design.

txbob, are SM 6.1 devices implement new model of Unified Memory (with oversusbscribing and per-page migration in both direction)?

overall, it looks completely unclear which new Pascal features are supported by SM 6.1 and which only by 6.0 devices. If you can point to the place where it is documented, it will be great. May be it will be described in forthcoming CUDA8 docs?

Yes, I expect the CUDA 8 production release to contain an updated set of docs that cover cc 6.0 and 6.1