CUDA using OS Lubuntu 15.04

I am going to install CUDA on a Linux ‘Lubuntu’ 15.04 (x86_x64) system later this day. Are there any known issues with Linux version 15.04?

Im asking because the official NV download DEB package is only available for Ubuntu 14.04 (x64)…

Okay, i installed the 14.04 LTS (x64) instead. I followed the instructions on the

page. Now i want to run the deviceQuery, but it tells me no CUDA device is present (GeForce 550ti inside). I checked /dev/nvidia* and this path is not present. I followed the Linux Starting Guide step by step.

How do i get those missing folders created and what have i done wrong…?

Okay, i rebooted and the deviceQuery worked. The folder


was not created, but i think as the deviceQuery works, CUDA is good to go now.