CUDA version is insufficient for CUDART version runtime problem

Dear all,

I have installed the CUDA Toolkit 3.0 on openSuse 11.2.
I downloaded some examples from the nvidia webpage.
After installing the older gcc version (4.3) I could compile the programs but I still get runtime error messages like this:

[font=“Courier New”] : cudaSafeCall() Runtime API error : CUDA version is insufficient for CUDART version.[/font]

What can I do? I have downloaded the newest CUDA version.



It means you have too old a driver for the Toolkit version you installed. For Cuda 3.0, you need a 195 series driver. If you can’t/don’t want to upgrade drivers, then get an older tookit version (Cuda 2.3 = 190 series, Cuda 2.2 = 185 series).