CUDA version problem at Jetson AGX Xavier during autoware compilation

I’m trying to install autoware at Jetson AGX Xavier and I installed autoware following: GitHub - jetsonhacks/installROSXavier: Install Robot Operating System (ROS) on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

and then I followed below link to download and install autoware:

However there is a problem according to the version of CUDA, which is 10.2 at Jetson AGX Xavier

  1. Some files send me an error message like this: GPU support on Melodic requires CUDA<=10.0
    But as I know, CUDA 10.2 does not matter to things which need CUDA 10.0
    So I compiled with this command:

But then other files send me error messages like this:

  Could NOT find CUDA: Found unsuitable version "10.0", but required is exact
  version "10.2" (found /usr/local/cuda)

What should I do? Please tell me if there is a way to figure out this problem with CUDA 10.2

I tried to download and install CUDA 10.0 for myself, but I found that apt blocked the package list of other version of CUDA, so apt say it cannot find the package list.

I also saw a post that I need to download other Jetpack which includes CUDA 10.0, so I looked around Jetpack archive.
But I cannot find some informations about a version of CUDA before JetPack 4.4, and since 4.4, all packs include CUDA 10.2.
So please let me know which version of Jetpack has CUDA 10.0 or lower version, or please help me to figure out this problem.
All I want is just run autoware well in Jetson AGX Xavier!!

Thanks a lot! Have a nice day :D


Since CUDA 10.0 is relatively old.
Have you checked with Autoware team to see if they can support newer CUDA version?

You can find all the JetPack version below.
JetPack 4.3 contains CUDA 10.0 may meet your requirement.