Cuda + Vista = Horiz-Span?

Could CUDA be used to hack a 3d horizontal-span type of mode back into Vista via a utility? Maybe even reproduce a more user friendly version of SoftTH via CUDA? Is this technically possable?

The removal of span modes in Vista is a huge annoyance for me – and by the looks of google search – for others too. What would keep someone from making a utility that harnesses CUDA to put in span modes in 3d games again?

If that would work, what keeps from doing the next logical step and spanning multiple cards and 3+ monitors like SoftTH? SoftTH works, but is blatently a pain to use. Why can’t someone make a CUDA span utility that just works. And not only works, but spans as many monitors as you can fit within your max pixel width (8192 for 8X00s+?) for your main card?

A few reasoning points:

  1. There are several markets for this type of utility. Just look at forum groups for surround screen gaming, flight sims and racing sims.
  2. Would make the use of a TH2G box or SoftTH redundant. Why would you spend $300 for a TH2G box if any CUDA enabled card could triple-head+? nVidia could deal a decent blow to Matrox if it persued this.
  3. Would fix the loss of span modes in Vista. Noone wants to address this issue yet, but many users want a solution.
  4. Would add new functionality to nVidia cards that no other brand would be able to do atm.

Sure, nVidia has excelled in the idea of multi-GPU to 1 display performance, but why can’t someone look to supporting the multi-GPU to multi-monitors crowd too? It’s a market ripe to be catered to. Entheusiast gamers either go big screen or surround screen when it comes to extremes. Big screen is covered by SLI, what’s going to cover surround-screen for nVidia users? SoftTH proves that it can be done, it just needs to be done better. IMHO, DH2G, TH2G and SoftTH simply shouldn’t be the answer, a CUDA utility should be.

Nice to see some1 replied, rude people…

I use, as many of my friends do, Softth to run 3 22" monitors for racing sims, mainly rFactor. I use a 98oogtx,q66oo @ 3ghz 4gb Ram & can run it all fine with 178.24 drivers, but my quam is WHY the HELL did you Nvidia blokes CAN the multi-monitor [span] support with the latest drivers [180’s], because after installing & screwing up my whole system, i had to restore to old version to get it working again… So my point is this is very poor work nvidia, we shouldnt need to rely on private guys like kegetys, & why did you stop supporting spanning [in vista] when previous drivers did?

Nice to see some1 replied, rude people…

Wrong forum. This one is about GPGPU programming, not about video drivers.