Hi Everybody!

I am trying to profile my own executables with the CUDA VISUAL profiler 2.2 on Windows XP. But every time it passes the bound execution time, say 30 seconds. No matter how high I set the time, it is always the case.On the contrary, the examples in the CUDA SDK projects folder are being profiled in no time. I have set the CUDA_PROFILE and CUDA_PROFILE_CSV to 1 in the system’s Environment variables, also I set CUDA_PROFILE 1 in the project properties of projects created by me. My programs meet the same fate in the profiler, even if I copy them to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\bin\win32\Release. Please tell me the exact sequence of steps to follow to Profile the executables using the CUDA Visual Profiler.

Does your application require any user input from standard input? On Windows there is currently no way to pass user input to a application which is being profiled using Visual Profiler.

So in case your application requires user input - it could be blocked & waiting for user input. In this case Visual Profiler will abort the application after the “maximum execution time”. In such as case the profiler output may not be complete. You can change your application and provide an option so that user input is not required when profiling.

Also when using CUDA Visual Profiler you do not need to set any of the profiler environment variables (CUDA_PROFILE, CUDA_PROFILE_CSV, CUDA_PROFILE_LOG or CUDA_PROFILE_CONFIG).