CUDA Visual Studio 2017 integration for nvidia Fermi GPU system

I recently noticed that in CUDA9 RC release notes is saying that CUDA 9 does not support Fermi GPUs.
Therefore,Is there any proper solution to integrated CUDA setup with Visual Studio 2017?
I have Geforce 540m GT GPU, also CUDA 8 cannot be integrated with Visual Studio 2017.
Why does nvidia treat fermi GPU customers like this? Are they abandoning us?
Now How can we integrate CUDA 9 or CUDA 8 with Visual Studion 2017? any solution or alternative? please help.

There is no proper solution.

Fermi first shipped about 7.5 years ago. It is obsolete hardware at this point, you would be much better off with a modern entry-level GPU. In the computer industry, dropping support after more than 5 years is common (less if the hardware in question is a smartphone).

You can continue to use Fermi GPUs with CUDA 8 and one of the versions of Visual Studio it supports (I am using the ancient MSVS 2010 for example, which is deprecated in CUDA 8 but still seems to work fine).

@njuffa I have a laptop that’s why.

@njuffa I have a laptop that’s why.So If download CUDA 9 the installer wouldn’t allow me to install it?