cuda & windows 2000 will work ?

hi all i am sorry about this question but
do windows 2000 32 pro will work on cuda 1.1 ?
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No, only WindowsXP is supported.

Pls advise what about usage of TESLA on Windows 2003 server ?

My company Windows 2003 server version is 5.2.3790 , Windows XP is 5.1.2600. Seems the difference is x64 bit edition only. wondering any difference will exhibit in TESLA

Only WindowsXP is supported. There are no current plans to support Windows 2003 Server.

Hi Douglas,

With CUDA v1.1 we added support for XP64. I believe you’re right that this should work the same for server2003. We don’t have Windows support yet for the Tesla S870, but we can check on this working with the Tesla C870 or D870.

thanks a lot. a lot. On S870, I was told by TESLA Japan staff we could not have 2 Windows machine attaching to it so that 1 Windows machine access 2 GPU , and another Windows machine access the other 2 GPU. For Linux, there is no such limitation.

Hi Douglas

The S870 is not supported under windows. It works only on Linux.

We do have people using C870 and D870 with Windows Server 2003.


Hi Sumit,

The Windows release notes…tes_1.1_Win.txt

say that the Tesla S870 is supported.

Based on that we were planning to set up our S870 with 2 cards going to a Linux server and 2 going to an XP server (or better still Windows Server 2003).



Remember you’ll need an NVIDIA display card to do this Mike. CUDA under Windows requires this.

We can put a low-end NVIDIA card in the Windows server, but Sumit’s post above suggests that even with this the S870 is not supported, and so the release notes are wrong.

[edit: you have some posts in which seem to indicate Windows support for S870, since they’re in a Windows XP forum]


With another NVIDIA card in the server, it will work.

Hi Massimiliano,

Can we use Windows Server 2003, and will it work in a multi-user enviroment where we have several users connected to the server through Remote Desktop, with each of them able to use the Tesla cards on a first come - first served basis?


you will need to use VNC (Remote Desktop has its own driver and it will not work for CUDA). The Windows XP 64 bit should work on Windows Server 2003 (other users reported success).

Right now the CUDA API is not multi-user friendly, you can have multiple users requesting the same card. We are working on improving the API.