CUDA with C# 3.0 (VS 2008 C#)?

Hi Folks:
I am just getting started with all these. I am think about calling CUDA code/kernel from my C# code. I want my CUDA code to do some image processing stuff, then my main program in C# handles the logic. I am using VS2008 C#, CUDA 5.0. (I am not even sure if they’re compatible) Here is what I found.

Use a third party wrapper above CUDA driver, options are :
    CUDA.NET: it is kinda old, little support document, no example found yet
    CUDAfy.NET: looks promising, with examples and ducument supporting, but it seems only compatible wtih .NET 4.0 or above.
Writing a wrapper myself: I am not confident, unless there is an example; Unfornately, I have not found much relevant material talking about CUDA with VS2008 C#
Any other options?

I appreciate any suggestions.