CUDA with ICC for MVAPICH Couldn't build cuda program when useing MPI (MVAPICH)


I try to compile my cuda-based program within I also use MPI function (from MVAPICH library).

When I making my source code, I have a lot of linker\compiler error messages like that:

It looks like MVAPICH have been built with ICC and CUDA SDK have been built with gcc.

How could I build CUDA SDK with ICC and how could I get out these error messages ?

Thank you

I have found that message:

Does CUDA support ICC now ?

Does somebody use MVAPICH together with CUDA ?

The runtime API doesn’t. Some people have reported kludges to get it to work with the driver API. You should assume it won’t work with ICC.

Yes, but I had to link against MVAPICH that was built with GCC.

I don’t see any compelling reason why the driver API wouldn’t work with ICC? maybe I’m missing something, I admittedly don’t know that much about linkers

I use icc and cuda on windows. I compile cuda file to obj and after switch to icc and compile rest files to obj and after link them all. Maybe I put some calling convention options, I do not remember now. However, icc and nvcc produces ms compatible obj files, so should not be problem on windows.