CUDA with Microsoft Visual 6.0 I'm searching some (simple) examples

Hello everybody,

I’m searching some (simple) examples how to use CUDA SDK with Microsoft Visual 6.0. Is it generally possible? I can’t find any hints.

Thanks for advises.

It’s perfectly possible to use Cuda in VS6 code - I am currently programming with the 0.8.1 Cuda SDK in a large VS6 code base.

However, please do take note that it is not supported by nVidia, and that it requires to change a few details in the compilation process - so you will have a few things to do manually before your project can compile.

I can send you a PM (message) with all the details if you wish - just let me know.

I have the same question. I don’t know how to use CUDA in VC 6.0.
Can you tell me some detail.

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            think you .

I’m struggling with VC too.

Could you provide me with some hints?


Thanks tonnes

Hello everybody!

I packaged my solution as a freeware and it should be (back) online in a few days.

The current version works with Cuda 0.8.1 and is in beta - to my knowledge it does work well without problems; so do not hesitate to contact me by PM if you want to try it, I will be glad to send you a download link. The tool itself is less than 100k, with the setup it’s less than 1M.

I am currently trying to adapt it to Cuda 1.0 but it looks like it will take some time - I am afraid that I will be unable to give an estimate for a completion date at the moment.

The final version will be postcardware.

Edit: Last minute name (and site) change

i am interested in the version for CUDA 1.0

when you’ll have some news, please let us know!


Can you please send me as how you have done the compilation of CUDA using VC6 as for my case I can not use any other compilor other than VC6? Thanks and regards