CUDA with nouveau & upstream kernel


Does anyone run CUDA applications with the nouveau driver ? (and kernel 4.5.3)
If yes, what are the steps ?

As I mentioned in a previous topic, I must run a custom kernel to enable hugepages, and these features are available starting with kernel 3.18.

Many thanks,

I think that GPU participation (including CUDA or accelerated graphics) mandates using the nVidia-provided non-nouveau driver. Perhaps back porting hugepages would be a better option.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll have to deal with this.

By the way, is there a roadmap for L4T ?
As what I do is really in advance of phase (I’d like to do some network processing in CUDA), I can wait 3 months: If nVidia already works on upgrading to a newer version of the kernel, I can focus on other things in the meantime :-)

I have not heard of a roadmap for L4T. It was already stated that the purely 64-bit L4T (user space and kernel space) is coming out soon. More than likely some tweaks on the upcoming 64-bit L4T version would be published prior to something like shedding Ubuntu 14.04 entirely and moving to a newer LTS release (along with kernel).