CUDA with SCons

Hi there,

I’m trying to get SCons to build some CUDA code. I can import the tool correctly and pass some flags but it’s not generating the executable. Here’s is a snippet of my SConscript:

env_cuda.Tool('cuda', toolpath = [source_dir + 'scons_tools'])

env_cuda.Append(NVCCFLAGS = ['-D_DEBUG', '-arch=sm_61'])

env_cuda.Program(target = 'test', source = [source_dir + ''])

it turns out that the actual command executed is “nvcc -o test.o -D_DEBUG -arc = sm_61” so the executable is never generated and it then tries to link it via gcc but it fails with several errors. Why is it appending .o in the nvcc command instead of generating the executable directly like one would expect from calling Program?