CUDA with std C++17 on visual studio(v143) not compiled

Hi. I’m making Maya plugin with CUDA with MSVC v143 complier. I succussed configuring all complier setup, but I could not compile when I used std::filesystem, which is included in C++17.

To make sure, I already changed platform toolset to v143 and C++ standard to C++17.
in short, it looks like there is a problem on using CUDA with C++17 in visual studio.

The release node(Release Notes :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation) only describe about C++ 20 which is currently not supported, and there is nothing special about C++17 standard.

Some article says CMake over 18 or above solved this problem, but I have no experience with CMake so It will take some time to configure. Before I dig into this, I want to make sure that using CMake only the way or not.

If there is a way to solve this problem, please let me teach about this.

I successed.

I only put --std=C++17 to one of complier or linker command line option. I put the option to both CUDA complier and CUDA linker.