CUDA with VMWare

What I would like to see from NVidia is parallel Nsight working with a configuration like this :

Meaning the server side should be in Macintosh while the client side in windows and Parallel Nsight to be used as a means to debug your CUDA code. I am surprised that this have not yet been implemented. I have a GTX-480 dual screen configuration using Mac OS X and I simply feel handicaped with not a tool like Nsight at my hand for debugging purposes.


I was wondering about something similar, maybe a bit more complex.

I code mostly with VC++2008 but inside a Win7x64 VirtualBox VM guest on an Ubuntu (x64) host with lotsof RAM for both. Don’t mind where the target/dev GPU would be: same PC, visible by the guest or the host or on a remote networked Linux host.

Any advice other than running Windows natively welcome, thx.

– p