My question may completely be a noob. Sorry, for that but I have been trying to compile my first Cuda code in Xcode and I’m lost where and how I could set up the IDE to invoke NVCC.
I installed the latest CUDA toolkit CUDA 6.0 and have even installed GCC 4.8 using brew. I have XCODE 5.5
When I run my code from XCODE all the directives like global are marked as unidentified.
I don’t where and to change the settings to invoke NVCC. I will be really thankful, if anyone could help me with this.

Further, when I created the XCODE project, I created it as a C project. So, I placed the CUDA code in this C file, which is what is giving me the above mentioned errors. I tried to replace this .C file with a .cu file (just change the extension), which too failed badly - XCODE didn’t even know what to do with the .cu files

COuld anyone please help me?

Thanks in Advance

Any update on this? Are you able to compile CUDA using Xcode?