Cuda8 and ubuntu 16.04.2


I have been using cuda and ubuntu for years. But recently their LTS version upgrades insanely fast that the newest linux kernel version is 4.8.0. When installing the newest cuda 8 run file(8.0.61_375.26) on 16.04.2, I have got problems: 1.“ensure there is enough space in /tmp…” 2. Endlessly rebooting due to “an attempt to disable nouveau”. 3. “set --kernel-source-path”.

I was wondering if I did anything wrong or the cuda is not compatible with the ubuntu version? (I can not obtain an iso file of older Ubuntu version…)

Many thanks in advance

I did an upgrade to 16.04.2, and the latest kernel is stil on the 4.4 series. Looks like you have a machine that doesn’t have enough free space and apparently you haven’t disabled nouveau correctly. As far as #3, not sure where that comes up…

Usually what I do is I install the latest nvidia drivers from the repositories… e.g.
sudo apt-get install nvidia-375 and then install the cuda 8 run file without installing the driver that ships with it.

In short, you might want to start over with the notes from the cuda installation guide, which is fairly detailed.