cudaBindTexture and texfetch in 1.0?

OK so I just upgraded my CUDA install to 1.0 but now when I go to compile my program (which was working with .8) I get this:

"", line 71: error: no instance of overloaded function

         "cudaBindTexture" matches the argument list

            argument types are: (texture<float3, 2, cudaReadModeElementType>,

                      cudaArray *, cudaChannelFormatDesc)

    cudaBindTexture(posTex, posBuff, channelDesc);


"", line 175: error: identifier "texfetch" is undefined

        float3 curPos = texfetch(posTex, curX, threadY);

Are these functions no longer defined the same way in the latest version?

Yes, they have changed. Texture fetching now has different instructions for textures bound to linear memory and those bound to arrays. Also, at least in v.9 the binding function for linear memory was not documented correctly (discussed somewhere in these forums), I don’t know if this has been fixed in 1.0.