cudaGetDeviceCount with EmuDebug returns 0 devices

I’m trying to run the basic hello world sample, DeviceQuery on a 64 bit Vista machine.

When I run it compiled with the debug flag, the call to cudaGetDeviceCount crashes the process.

And when I run it compiled with the EmuDebug flag, the call to cudaGetDeviceCount returns 0.

I thought running under the emulator is supposed to allow me to run CUDA even on a video card that doesnt support CUDA.

Any help would be great.

Just an update. I installed CUDA on a 64 bit XP machine that also did not have a compatible cuda nvidia card on it.

On this machine the debug build crashed when cudaGetDeviceProperties was called (as expected).

But when the debug emulator build ran, it correctly used the emulator and told me that there was no device supporting CUDA, but it went on using the emulator.

So, is there an issue with the emulator running on Vista 64bit?