cudaGraphicsGLRegisterImage -- "operation not supported" (error 71)

What causes cudaGraphicsGLRegisterImage to return error 71 (operation not supported) ?

We get this error very occasionally (maybe once every couple of days) in a multi-threaded multi-gpu environment. Once it’s occurred on a specific GPU (selected with cudaSetDevice), all further calls to cudaGraphicsGLRegisterImage fail with the same error until, the program’s restarted. But the other GPUs continue to work.

The error’s not listed as one which this call can generate, so presumably it’s a side-effect of something it’s trying to do. But debugging is hard because it happens so rarely.

Any clues anybody ?

Driver Version: 510.54 CUDA Version: 11.6

Same error for me. Code compiles but won’t run.

All demo programs seems to run fine.

@roger3ut3g can you run the demo programs on your box just not run compiled code?