cudaHostAlloc on 2.2

I’m trying to use Mapped-memory and the so called zero-copy, but I’m having a few problems with it…

I’m trying to do this:

cudaHostAlloc((void**)&stream_in, sizeof(soa), cudaHostAllocMapped);


Which results in a: “Cuda error: cudaHostAllocMapped: feature is not yet implemented.”.

I’m using the 2.2SDK and Toolkit so this should work, right?

Ok, forget it:

“Device 0 cannot map host memory”

What cards do support this?

GT200 and MCP79 (9400M) at the moment. Make sure you’re using the correct driver.

Well I’m using the one provided on the download site.

I’ll try to get my hands on a gt285 to try…