cudaMallo3D - possibly incorrectly documented in Programming Guide 2.1

Dear All,

The reference to the “cudaMalloc3D” function is possibly incorrect in the Programming Guide 2.1.

On page 35 there is one example how to use that function.

After the lines:

there is an example code.

However I think that the following line in the example is incorrect:

In case of floating point array it must be:

Otherwise, how it would be possible to allocate array of short (for ex.) values?

The issue was also pointed on the forum here:

Please notice, that in case of “cudaMalloc3DArray” function the extent would not take a number of bytes into account,

which is very confusing!

Also the example for the “cudaMemcpy3D” function is highly desired for the Programming Guide.

Just in case, my additional info:

CUDA 2.1

Nvidia Quadro FX 570M (HP compaq 8510w)

Win XP SP3

Drv. ver.

MSVS 2005 SP2