cudaMalloc failed with error out of memory

Hello, i’m attempting to use the instant-ngp library to convert photo’s into a 3d asset. However I keep getting the following error:

15:06:48 ERROR Uncaught exception: Could not allocate memory: D:\code\instant-ngp\dependencies\tiny-cuda-nn\include\tiny-cuda-nn/gpu_memory.h:112 cudaMalloc(&rawptr, n_bytes+DEBUG_GUARD_SIZE*2) failed with error out of memory

I have used 229 images and generated the transforms.json file using the provided command:

D:\code\instant-ngp\data\nerf\r12>: python "D:/code/instant-ngp/scripts/colmap2nerf.p"y --colmap_matcher exhaustive --run_colmap --aabb_scale 16

I then simply run the following:

D:\code\instant-ngp\data\nerf\r12>: “D:/code/instant-ngp/build/testbed” --scene .

I have got a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER card installed, which runs fine using the fox example.

Please bare in mind I don’t really know python nor the technicaly aspects of a GPU.

If you’re having trouble with that library, the suggestion given there is to open an issue on github.