cudamallocpitch() example i want to play with 2d pointers

hey coders! i want to play with 2d pointers in cuda, i google alot about cudamallocpitch() but didn’t find any good example, can any one of you provide me good example of cudacudamallocpitch() with cudaMemcpy2D().

and run kernal like

__global__ void kernel(float* a, float* b, float* c, int n, int m, int p)


	int i = blockIdx.x*2 + threadIdx.x;

	int j = blockIdx.y;

	float sum = 0.0f;

	if(i<10 && j<10)


		for (int k = 0; k < p; ++k)


			sum += b[i+n*k] * c[k+p*j];


		a[i+n*j] = sum;



if there is something wrong with my kernel do tell me, i am new cuda and parallel processing so don’t mind if there is anything wrong ;)


Try Another user gave an example for 2d textures and usage of cudaMallocPitch. Not tested if it compiles though.