cudaprof for SDK3.0 How to run with function arguments

I am having problem using cudaprof with Linux when I need to supply an argument to the function.
The manual says that I should start in a separate window but the program starts whitout having the possibility of supplying the arguments.

What I need to do is :

program < program.input

Anyone have an idea?

I think that this won’t work (or at least I was never able to make it work this way, and most of my main programs expect to read from standard input too). So you’ll probably have to change your main(), so that it could optionally read its input from a file too, and the name of this file would be supplied in the command line (thus you’ll be able to specify this name in the corresponding field of profiler settings dialog).

I guess the reason for this not to work is that the profiler code would have to parse the stream redirection out of list of program arguments supplied by user, and then to setup QProcess object (that it is probably using for launching the program) accordingly (through QProcess::setStandard*File()), which profiler author(s) probably find too cumbersome to do - it’s much easier just to tokenize the command line using blanks as separators, and send this list of tokens to QProcess::start()…

Arguments can be passed to applications from inside the profiler. But what you are doing isn’t providing arguments to the program at all. You are using a shell to pipe a file into the standard input of the running program. Not the same thing at all, and that cannot be done inside the profiler.

Well, it cannot be done directly inside the profiler. What one could do, however, is write a simple shell script:

#! /bin/sh

program < program.input

And then instruct the profiler to run the shell script.

I did that but I got a lock screen, had to reboot. Not good.

Anyway, I can import a csv file so the problem is not so important.

Here is what I got as a sample: