__cudaRegisterLinkedBinary defined but not used

I have moved t o a new Mac (OSX 10.8 before and after, CUDA 5 before and after).

Now, when I compile I get this funny warning:

/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-5.0/bin/crt/link.stub:30: warning: ‘void** __cudaRegisterLinkedBinary(void*)’ defined but not used

I get this warning for all my programs.

I have already googled, to no avail.

Here is my linker command:

nvcc -arch=sm_30 --compiler-options -Wall,-ansi obj/helloworld.o -Xlinker -framework,OpenGL,-framework,GLUT -o hello world

What is the cause of this warning?
What is a clean way of getting rid of it?
(Yes, I could omit “-Wall”, but I’d rather keep it.)

All insights and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,