cudart.dll winxp/vista DLL and toolkit deployment

I see you have a different toolkit for WinXP and Vista. Is the cudart.dll different for those OSs? I ask this because from a deployment perspective I’m gonna need to include into the Windows installer both WinXP and Vista toolkits… see what OS the user is running and fire the proper sub-installer… An unified .exe installer will be better.

Btw… can the CUDA toolkit installer launched silently?

And… can I redist the cudart.dll together with my application without violating the license?


The toolkit is the same for XP and Vista (only separate for 32bit versus 64bit). And yes, you are fine redistributing any/all the dll’s from the toolkit or sdk (just not the nvcuda.dll or any installed by the driver). When redistributing CUDA dll’s, you need to install them into your own local product directory, not in any common location. Also consider using the driver api, then you don’t even need cudart.dll.

And other doubt… I installed the toolkit/sdk for Vista x64… but I noticed when I try to compile my project for x86 a x64-conflict appears:

Installing only the x86_64 version… can I develop for X86 too? or only for x64?

Can I have both x86 and x64 cuda toolkit/sdk versions installed? Well… I got this error when I try to install both x86 and x64 versions:

(which ofc, is terrible)

I tell you this because would be desireable to allow it to cross-compile… for example, I could want to use Vista x64 to create a X86 project with WoW64… So, ideally, you should change a bit the SDK/toolkit and install both x86/x64 versions on different folders… or allow the user to install both versions.