cuda's errors documentation

I’ld like to know if a detailled documentation of errors which could occure when executing a cuda program exists.

You can find it in the CUDA Reference Manual.

Not very much details about the errors themselves, but it tells you which errors a specific function can return.



I saw that, but it is very superficial.

For exemple for a cudaMalloc3D, the relevant return value is either




and during execution I got :

32: memory size or pointer value too large to fit in 32 bit

4: unspecified launch failure

So 2 different errror while only one is listed in the manual.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help

Indeed, error code 32 corresponds to cudaErrorMemoryValueTooLarge.

Should probably be added to the list of return values for cudaMalloc3D.


I also have the same problem, but when I used cuda-gdb to debug the program. I found wired info like this:
d_pn=0x1c6d00 <Address 0x1c6d00 out of bounds>,
d_pdFactor=0x1c6e00 <Address 0x1c6e00 out of bounds>,
d_pCo_qFactor=0x1c6f00 <Address 0x1c6f00 out of bounds>

I did use cudaMalloc to allocate the memory space for these matrix. So far, I found no solution…