cudavisualprofiler Error -94 in reading profiler output

I am using cudavisualprofiler. After I run a test, a ‘CUDA visual profiler error’ message box pops up saying 'Error -94 in reading profiler output. Minimum expected columns (methods, gputime, cputime, occupancy) not found in profiler output file.

How to fix this problem?

few options:

  • your kernel does not run
  • your program runs too long
  • your program changes directory before running a kernel

are you running a sdk program? Then there is a commandline option to make the program exit without waiting for user input

Thank you for the reply, but the problem persists. It is weird. My answer is as follows.

Your kernel does not write text to an output file, so do you check for errors in your code (kernel errors?)

I said it did write to an output file. The kernel finished successfully.

And I say that your kernel cannot write an output file, so that is no guarantee your kernel has finished succesfully.

But if CUT_CHECK_ERROR() tells you that the kernel finished succesfully, than I have no clue what could be causing this.

Did you try the “–noprompt” argument?

Just to clarify, it is not the kernel who is writing output, it is the other part of program who reads from the kernel output and write to a file.

The kernel finished successfully because I tested it many times with different input and I got correct results.

Where should I put this ‘–noprompt’? I am using Windows XP. Is it an option under Linux version?

you can set it in the profiler project setup.

But i get the same errors too :)