i am rather (un)fortunate to incur cudbgReportDriverInternalError()
knowing that i am incurring cudbgReportDriverInternalError() actually was a mystery in itself

first of all, what is cudbgReportDriverInternalError()?
is it gdb - debugger - related, or driver related?
does cudbgReportDriverInternalError() report on the debugger, or the driver?

and would this be:
a) debugger induced - an error incurred by the debugger, in response to the application, with the application not at fault
b) application induced - the application at fault, inducing the error

and how does one catch and debug cudbgReportDriverInternalError()?
i picked it up by suspending the debugger, and noting the current location and stack of the applicable host thread
cudaGetLastError() etc seems to ignore cudbgReportDriverInternalError()