cuDNN 8 License question

Hello, I have a question about cuDNN SLA.

2. Distribution. The following portions of the SDK are distributable under the Agreement: the runtime files .so and .h, cudnn64_7.dll, and cudnn.lib.

Up to version 7.6.5 of cuDNN that meant the library was distributable. But since cuDNN 8:

  1. doesn’t contain cudnn64_7.dll
  2. has split its functionality into several other libraries
    it’s not distributable under this license.

Does it mean that I should stick to cuDNN 7 if I want to distribute it with my app?
Or maybe cuDNN 8 is meant to be redistributable but the License hasn’t been updated yet?

I wrote asking this question back in december, but didn’t get any response.

Thank you,

cuDNN 8 is redistributable in the same manner as cuDNN 7.6.5. We will update the license shortly. Thanks for highlighting it.