cuDNN different version on windows

What is the difference between the Windows 7 and Windows 10 version of the cuDNN 7.5 library?

I use the ms-tools to verify that the exported functions are the same. And I build my program on windows 10 and run it on windows 7 with no errors (use the windows10 cudnn dlls).

Hi @nolan1864,
There is no functional difference in the two mentioned above.They are just packaged separately for different windows versions.

@AakankshaS Thanks for you reply.

I need to build my program on windows10 and run on windows7. So, my doubt is that if I can use the windows10 dlls on windows7 ? (In another word, why using a seperate dlls?)
In my simple program, it seems ok and the model predict correctly. But I don’t know whether it is right to use it that way and if there are some risks using the windows10 dlls on windows7.

Hi @nolan1864,
Apologies for delayed response.
cuDNN app build on windows10 should be portable to windows7 .
However it is suggested to use the dlls with respective versions.


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@nolan1864 Were you able to clarify if you can simply build and distribute with cudnn for win10?
Ie. does it work on both win7 & win10 if you just ship the win10 dll?

Side question: what about win8?

@_PM cuDNN has two version, one for win10 and the other for win7. I build my project on windows10 with cuDNN for win10,and it works on win7 with no error. While,I have no idea what difference the two libs have.