cuDNN Header File - missing definitions?

Is there a support forum for cuDNN? I would like to start using the cuDNN library, but the cudnn.h file appears to be missing some definitions. For example, I could not find the definition of ‘cudnnFilterStruct’ - I did a grep on the cuDNN directory as well as all directories in CUDA 6.5. Any suggestions?


Can you explain why you are looking for this definition? cuDNN expects that there would be no reason to need to look into this definition…so it is intentionally opaque/blocked.

Don’t think there is specific cuDNN forum yet, but there is another post in the forum found under GPU Computing -> GPU Accelerated Libraries…which is probably a more appropriate forum, so I recommend that one for now. But we’ll try to answer the cuDNN questions no matter where they are placed!



Thanks - I see. For some reason I thought that those structures were filled out by the user, but now I see that they are filled out with the parameters to the functions that use them.

One thing that would be a big help would be to provide the source code for a simple C++ project for Visual Studio that includes simple sample data so that one can make sure that they have the expected data inputs properly lined up.

Thanks again - this is great stuff!



I created a sample that compiles just fine. Very easy to setup.