CUDNN installation path by Jetpack


Hi, I am building a benchmark with trtexec command in this directory:
cd /usr/src/tensorrt/samples/trtexec
And then, sudo make

I got the following message:

../Makefile.config:10: CUDA_INSTALL_DIR variable is not specified, using /usr/local/cuda by default, use CUDA_INSTALL_DIR=<cuda_directory> to change.
../Makefile.config:15: CUDNN_INSTALL_DIR variable is not specified, using /usr/local/cuda by default, use CUDNN_INSTALL_DIR=<cudnn_directory> to change.
../Makefile.config:28: TRT_LIB_DIR is not specified, searching ../lib, ../../lib, ../lib by default, use TRT_LIB_DIR=<trt_lib_directory> to change.
make: Nothing to be done for 'all'.

I cannot find the CUDNN path CUDNN_INSTALL_DIR flashed by Jetpack. Do you know where I should look for it? Thank you!


TensorRT Version: 7.1.0
GPU Type: Xaiver
Nvidia Driver Version: not sure
CUDA Version: 10.2
CUDNN Version: cannot find
Operating System + Version: ubuntu 18.04

Hi @wdw0908
You can check the below link to find the respective path.

However, we recommend you to use TRT NGC containers to avoid any such system dependencies related issues.