cudNN on TX2


I’m trying to install cudnn on my TX2 custom carrier board.
I am doing the install for the cuda 9.0 fine, but can’t seem to move forward with cudnn.

My questions are :
Which is the latest cudnn version i can use with cuda 9.0?

  • this version of cuda is a requirement for other parts of the project -:/.
    Where can i download it?

I have seen this cudnn downloads, but hope to find a link for it…?
On the archive for cudNN, there is no compatible cuda to aarch64.
I’m using a custom graphics drivers to support LVDS, so can’t use SDK manager to flash cudnn on it.

I need it ASAP as this was not supposed to be the main bulk of the work…




For CUDA 9.0, please use the package from JetPack3.3.
The cuDNN version is v7.1.5.

Please noted that you would need a package downloaded from JetPack.
The release from our website is usually for a desktop user.